Construction Solutions

We source international labour for our global clients to ensure their projects run smoothly.

We use highly effective and specialised talent acquisition processes that respond to the requirements of each client within the construction industry. Our construction specialists diligently work alongside our clients to develop and optimize an effective talent acquisition strategy that guarantees to match the correct candidates with our client’s vacancies.


Tailored Labour Supply Solutions

At GalTipp Solutions, we use lean sigma tools to create and execute unique hiring processes for each construction client.

We ensure the vacancies that are available have detailed job descriptions to help the candidates that we have available to understand the job being offered completely and what the client’s expectations are of each candidate. We write specific, detailed job descriptions to help the candidates completely understand what the job entails.

Ensuring that the candidate fully understands what is expected within the position and providing an in-depth welcome pack for the candidate ensures an excellent rate of staff retention.