Our professional services are tailored to our client's unique needs.



GalTipp Solutions Ltd specializes in providing global international talent to clients in the UK and EU. 

We help our clients solve their staffing issues

We use a streamlined, leaned-out recruitment process to ensure our clients are best served with the most highly skilled international talent available.

International Talent

We have an extensive database of the best international talent eager for international work.

We know people

We take the time to extensively interview, evaluate and get a personal sense of each candidate we have on our database.

Client Focused

We use lean six sigma processes to ensure our clients receive the best service from us for all their individual needs

How It Works

We incorporate a unique recruitment process for all our client’s needs that ensure they are presented with the most suitable talent for their required positions.


We listen to our client's specific needs and ensure that these needs are fully understood and translated into our search


We create a unique process for each client to select the ideal candidate for each position.

Take Action

Using our highly effective processes, we place the correct candidates for each position.