About Us



GalTipp Solutions is an end-to-end provider of worldwide labour to international clients.

Through our years of working in multiple sectors and geographical locations, we have developed deep networks of contacts globally, ensuring we have access to the best talent available.



GalTipp Solutions hugely benefit our clients by incorporating lean practices to streamline our operations that cut wasteful and unnecessary steps while also improving talent acquisition efforts.

We create a unique qualification template for all our clients that identifies the traits of ideal candidates for specific clients and positions they need to be filled.

We work diligently with our clients to create detailed job descriptions that guarantee suitable candidates’ attraction and interest.

We create high-value staff retention strategies within our lean process to successfully onboard new talent and ensure high retention rates.



We ensure our business strategies are highly effective by incorporating Lean Six Sigma practices.

  • We simplify and standardise our strategies for our clients
  • We decrease costs for our clients
  • We improve business efficiency for our clients
  • We ensure correct candidate hiring for our clients
  • We provide higher rates of staff retention for our clients

Our Vision

A globalised skills economy to the mutual benefit of all.

Our Mission

Create human led partnerships with organisations that require depth of skill; built on trust, integrity and delivery.

Core Values

Using trust and transparency to become an extended arm of our partner's organisation. We deepen, never dilute their skills base.